Individual Counsel

We deal with values, communication and employee involvement in companies, project teams or other organizations that rely on teamwork and cooperation to enable optimised results.

Each company has a different starting point. Some have their values clearly defined and communicated, there are, however, certain departments with a lack of understanding of a certain degree. Others may have heard for the first time, that dealing with company values is an integral part of a sustainable business. Others again are facing the challenge of defining the right communication strategy.

We will pick you up at your individual position!

Je besser der Zweck der Existenz eines Menschen zu dem ZDE des Unternehmens passt, desto wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass er langfristig bei dem Unternehmen bleibt.

John Strelecky

This is how the consulting process works


Our method of dealing with company culture is flexible so that is will exactly match the situation YOUR company is in and will help you to find solutions tailored to your needs:

1. We will visit you and work on site!

2. Jointly with you, your management and your employees we will

  • Define, refine and optimize your company values!
  • Analyze you internal communication and develop proposals for a targeted design!
  • Develop opportunities for your employees to cooperate in the process and take on value accountability!

3. You will ensure that we will get the required on-site support for a week - including some of your valuable time!

4. We will supervise the launch of activities on an ongoing basis!