What is Company Culture?

Company culture refers to values, norms and attitudes which are deemed important in an organisation. Eventually, your company culture will - implicitly or explicitly - determine how communication and decision making are executed in your business.

Many companies did write down their „values“, „mission statement“ or „company culture“ and communicated those inside and outside the company. Both is important: common values need to be documented so that all involved - employees and business partners - have the chance to get to a common understanding.


As soon as this is done, your attention needs to be on communication. Successful companies publish their values in areas of their premises such as reception, canteen or locker rooms. Furthermore it is important to guide discussions. Your employees are to be ambassadors for your values.

A good corporate culture has a direct impact on:

  • The approach of dealing with conflicts and mistakes
  • Employee identification with company values
  • Communication behavior
  • Attitude and behavior towards customers and suppliers
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Employee loyalty
  • Feedback culture
  • Family friendliness of the company

If you burn for what you do, you don't need burn-out prophylaxis.

Gerald Schmoldt

Through establishment of your company culture it becomes clear

  • How management should lead by example
  • Who in the company should take which position and role
  • How new employees are selected

There is no right or wrong, only successful or not successful. You as a company owner or director decide with your management which approach is the right one for your company. Through establishment of your company culture it becomes clear